Construction 1

First stage.
Feet and lower cross-bar assembled:

This assembly needs to be as solid and rigid as possible. It’s got to support weight, and it’s got to resist shearing if there is any force forwards or backwards exerted on the stack.

On each side I’ve put six 2″ screws through the side wall into the foot section, three more big 4″ ones into the end of the cross-bar:

and, invisible in the picture above, two more heavy 4″ screws downwards though the cross-bar into the foot.

Second stage.
First speaker into place:

I’ve put three small retaining screws per side through the frame into the wooden side-wall of the actual speaker. Note this is exactly half an inch thick. Be very careful in your drilling and the selection of screws. It would be a bit unfortunate to go through into the bass panel. They only need to go a few mm into the speaker side wall, the speaker is being held rigidly by the clamping force of the two side planks being pulled inwards to the cross-bars, which as mentioned are cut a couple of millimetres shorter than the width of the speakers.

The middle cross-bar is in place too. This will be supporting the upper speaker, so it has 3 heavy-duty 4″ screws fastening it to the side-walls at either end. It’s positioned so that the bottom of the upper Quad clears the top of the lower one by a couple of millimetres – so we don’t have the grilles scraping one another.

I’m pleased to see that it’s going to look quite neat and clean, much as I’d imagined it.


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